The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will involve the patient in the proper use of food, fresh air and exercise.
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Ayurvedic Massage Posted on:

While people typically discuss Ayurveda and massage as separate topics, massage has always been a principle element in the ancient tradition of Ayurveda. This is also true of the numerous therapies that Ayurveda provides which are often offered as spa treatments.

There is no doubt that receiving an expertly delivered (read more)

Make Your Own: Chapatis Posted on:

If you’ve had the privilege of visiting India you’ll no doubt have been offered the local version of bread – chapatis.

A chapati is a very simple food made, in its basic form, using only flour and water. Despite its simplicity, chapatis are one of the most nutritious side orders … (read more)

Be Here Now Posted on:

Our life plays out as the result of a series of choices – decisions we make that lay out our path, our experiences, who we become. The seemingly bigger decisions are the ones we give the most time and consideration to – Where will I live? What will I do … (read more)

The Myth of the Ayurvedic Cleanse Posted on:

Each year when Spring rolls around I begin to see a variety of health programs pop up, all declaring that it’s time for a “cleanse”. While many of these programs do offer some health improvements, I find myself particularly troubled by the offer of “Ayurvedic cleanses”. Classical teachings of Ayurveda … (read more)

Ritucharya: A Change in Seasons Posted on:

Maine, in the North East corner of the United States, is possibly the most seasonal place that I have lived. Here, each season has distinct divisions, separating itself from the season before and the season following.

The distinction so clear and so demarcated that I noticed the day the weather … (read more)

Diabetes: Inevitable or Preventable? Posted on:

Clients often tell me that they have a genetic pre-disposition to diabetes because

diabetes runs in my family.

This is a statement that I have found difficult to accept at face value. While it is true that many people today have immediate or extended family members who have been diagnosed … (read more)

Gluten: Allergy or Symptom? Posted on:

If you live in the West then it is likely you know at least one person who is gluten intolerant or has chosen a gluten-free diet for health reasons. Often when people choose to change their diet and become gluten-free, the intensity of their symptoms decreases and they begin to … (read more)

Un/Mono/Poly… Which Fat Should I Use? Posted on:

The answer to this question:

Which oil should I use for cooking?

contains a degree of complexity because it requires some understanding of the chemical nature of oils along with an understanding of how oils are manufactured. However, if you’re just looking for the answer without the background… ghee and … (read more)

Health Studies and Prajnaparadha Posted on:

Ayurveda dictates that the cause of disease can be distilled into three main categories:

  • Prajnaparadha – failure of wisdom or intelligence
  • Kala – influence of time or seasons
  • Asatmya Indriyartha Samyoga – improper use of the 5 senses

The cause of disease most relevant to this article is Prajnaparadha – … (read more)

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