The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will involve the patient in the proper use of food, fresh air and exercise.
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The Myth of the Ayurvedic Cleanse Posted on:

Each year when Spring rolls around I begin to see a variety of health programs pop up, all declaring that it’s time for a “cleanse”. While many of these programs do offer some health improvements, I find myself particularly troubled by the offer of “Ayurvedic cleanses”. Classical teachings of Ayurveda … (read more)

Un/Mono/Poly… Which Fat Should I Use? Posted on:

The answer to this question:

Which oil should I use for cooking?

contains a degree of complexity because it requires some understanding of the chemical nature of oils along with an understanding of how oils are manufactured. However, if you’re just looking for the answer without the background… ghee and … (read more)

Health Studies and Prajnaparadha Posted on:

Ayurveda dictates that the cause of disease can be distilled into three main categories:

  • Prajnaparadha – failure of wisdom or intelligence
  • Kala – influence of time or seasons
  • Asatmya Indriyartha Samyoga – improper use of the 5 senses

The cause of disease most relevant to this article is Prajnaparadha – … (read more)

Make Your Own: Rice Milk Posted on:

My Ayurvedic constitution is part Kapha and as such I drink rice milk as an alternative to cow’s milk. Rice milk is lighter in nature and less oily than cow’s milk, pacifying the tendency for Kapha to congest.

Unfortunately, there’s a recent trend to over-think the nutrition of food … (read more)

Inflammation: Misdiagnosing the Cause Posted on:

The media is hyping the latest threat to our wellbeing – inflammation. This new theory shows promise, however, Ayurveda brings a different perspective on the cause, the importance and the treatment of inflammation.

I was first alerted to the ominous threat of inflammation when I read David Agus’s book titled … (read more)

Food Rules – A Summary Posted on:

I copied this from FITisthenewbeautiful but had to change a few of the commandments – Ayurveda would agree with all of this:

This is not a short term fix; it’s a way of life.

Eat today the way you want to eat for the rest of … (read more)

The Mirrors of Mysore Posted on:

When I was young I would often go and visit my mom’s grave in an effort to feel more connected with her. Sadly, this never worked for me, and in the cemetery I always felt the furthest away from her.

Coming to Mysore has been like visiting my mom’s gravestone … (read more)

The Myth of Calories Posted on:

From an Ayurvedic perspective, when food enters our mouth the distinction between the food and our body becomes increasingly blurred. The food we eat nourishes our tissues, assembles our structure, and nurtures our mind. It literally becomes us. And our ability to absorb, process and release the energy contained in … (read more)

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