The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will involve the patient in the proper use of food, fresh air and exercise.
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Gluten: Allergy or Symptom? Posted on:

If you live in the West then it is likely you know at least one person who is gluten intolerant or has chosen a gluten-free diet for health reasons. Often when people choose to change their diet and become gluten-free, the intensity of their symptoms decreases and they begin to … (read more)

Make Your Own: Almond Cheese Posted on:

Ayurvedic science is not a big supporter of replacing real food with faux products (fake meats, fake milk, etc). This is mostly due to the amount of processing that occurs when food is modified to create a texture or taste that is not natural for that food.

However, when the … (read more)

Make Your Own: Almond Milk Posted on:

The beauty of home cooking is that you always know exactly what went into your food – if it’s in there, it’s because you put it there. But it’s not just peace of mind when it comes to ingredients, we can also be sure of the methods used in the … (read more)

Ashtanga, Pitta and Migraines Posted on:

In medicine, the successful healer always strives to look beyond the symptoms of a disease. While symptoms are profoundly useful in determining the nature of the problem, providing treatment at this level will not provide long-term relief from suffering. The goal is to search for the root cause, providing treatment … (read more)

Inflammation: Misdiagnosing the Cause Posted on:

The media is hyping the latest threat to our wellbeing – inflammation. This new theory shows promise, however, Ayurveda brings a different perspective on the cause, the importance and the treatment of inflammation.

I was first alerted to the ominous threat of inflammation when I read David Agus’s book titled … (read more)

Understanding Eating (part iv): The Order of Eating Posted on:

In the west we tend to view the body as a simple machine – fuel goes in, energy is expended, wastes go out – and the stomach is seen as an uncomplicated bag, a holding space for food before the process of digestion begins in the intestines. Ayurveda offers deeper … (read more)

Understanding Eating (part ii): Ama and What It Means to Detox Posted on:

Perhaps the most misunderstood concept in the health field today is that of toxins, particularly as they apply to the human body.

In Ayurveda, toxins are known as Ama. Ama is a sanskrit word that translates literally as “unidgested food”. According to Ayurveda, Ama forms in the body when our … (read more)

Ayahuasca and Ayurveda Posted on:

I have recently returned from a two month odyssey around Ecuador and Peru in South America. It was a wonderful opportunity to experience this great continent and the adventure was thoroughly enjoyable.

While most of the journey was as a tourist, I was fortunate enough to spent four weeks studying … (read more)

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