The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will involve the patient in the proper use of food, fresh air and exercise.
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Ashtanga, Pitta and Migraines Posted on:

In medicine, the successful healer always strives to look beyond the symptoms of a disease. While symptoms are profoundly useful in determining the nature of the problem, providing treatment at this level will not provide long-term relief from suffering. The goal is to search for the root cause, providing treatment … (read more)

Inflammation: Misdiagnosing the Cause Posted on:

The media is hyping the latest threat to our wellbeing – inflammation. This new theory shows promise, however, Ayurveda brings a different perspective on the cause, the importance and the treatment of inflammation.

I was first alerted to the ominous threat of inflammation when I read David Agus’s book titled … (read more)

Balancing Vata Through Pranayama Posted on:

Vata Dosha has the unfortunate characteristic of being the dosha most likely to go out of balance. As Vata is the principle of air and movement this should not come as a surprise, however, it can be frustrating when attempting to maintain balance and health.

Given the relatively unsteady nature … (read more)

The Fasting Pulse (part iii) Posted on:

The fast is over and I feel privileged to have had the experience of observing the participants and the effect it had on their respective doshas.

As none of the participants shared an identical prakriti (natal doshic type), any similarities in the pulse were mainly isolated to the influence of … (read more)

The Fasting Pulse (part ii) Posted on:

It’s the end of the first week of fasting and the impact of the fasting on the pulse has been very informative.

While fasting is used as therapy in Ayurveda, it is only recommended in specific circumstances. Certain dosha types are excluded from fasts (eg, Vata) as the act of … (read more)

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